Vegetable & Fruit Sanitizer Wash
Vegetable & Fruit Sanitizer Wash

Vegetable & Fruit Sanitizer Wash

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Fruits and vegetables are usually sprayed with pesticides. Additionally, some fruits such as apples, grapes may have a wax coating on the surface to increase their shelf-lives. Some of these unwanted residues are not water-soluble and hence need a soap solution to be fully removed. However, soaps in the market are unsuitable for washing fruits and veggies as they themselves contain chemicals.

Weight: 500 ml
Brand: Ayurjeet

Key benefits are:  
- Washes off all pesticide residues from fruit and veggies skin
- Removes synthetic wax coating
- No harmful chemicals.
- It helps in retaining the goodness of vegetables and fruits.
- No preservatives, no detergent, no soap, no chlorine, no perfume, no alcohol.
- 100% food grade. 100% human safe.

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