Choose the best Bluetooth headset by wearing style

Choose the best Bluetooth headset by wearing style

Bluetooth headsets come in different shapes and sizes.We have plenty of wireless headset wearing styles to choose from. But choosing the right style that suits your personality is a daunting task. We have numerous choices and style to opt for as they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes also. You can choose from different preferences and choices. 

Lets’ have a look at the quick guide on wearing styles that work for you.


In-ear headset are ideal for listeners who want an ultra-portable design and are comfortable with the in-ear fit.  It is most common way to wear a bluetooth headset, whether it’s a stereo headset or a mono. You are able to listen to music and answer the call in a very convenient and comfortable way. They block a substantial amount of ambient noise and don't leak much sound. They are perfect for use in an offices or library.

This type of bluetooth headsets have ear cushions that go on your ear. Because of this, they need an earhook or a headband to keep them in place. Many business headsets offer this wearing style, usually with a headband. 

People find on-the-ear headsets to be more comfortable than in-ear ones, since they don’t put any pressure on the inside of your ears. It is ideal for listeners who want a good level of comfort but in a more compact format than over-ear headphones. 

Over the head

Over the head headphones are typically the most comfortable design. They are easy to wear, well-padded and do not apply as much tension to your head as on-ear models. This wearing style is most commonly used in music headsets, although many business stereo headsets come with a headband to hold them in place. The headband goes over your head and adjusts to your head size.

Over the head headsets are very comfortable and stay in place better than most others. However sound leak may compromised in comparison of other designs


Behind the ear

This wearing style is often used for headsets that offer wind noise reduction, since the longer boom arm is better at capturing your voice. Behind-the-ear headsets are great for all-day wear and, despite their larger size, will stay securely in place without any additional earhooks or eargels. You could say that the headset itself is just one big earhook. 

Behind the neck

These are headsets with a neckband that sits behind your neck. This tends to be the preferred wearing style for running headsets. For one, it’s extremely secure. At the same time, the neckband stays out of your way and lets you turn your head without yanking the headset out of your ears. It’s ideal for most sports and workouts.  You can also find business headsets that come with the neckband option.

If you have a stylish haircut and don’t want to ruin your flawless hair with a headband, you’d want to pick a behind-the-neck office headset.

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